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We offer FREE standard shipping! Domestic orders over $100 and international orders over $200 qualify. Select "FREE standard shipping" at checkout. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship to any country.

How much does it cost to ship internationally?

We now offer FREE standard shipping on international orders over $200. Select "FREE standard shipping" at checkout!

To find out the exact cost and to see different shipping options simply add items you wish to buy to the shopping cart and you will see applicable shipping rates. We ship international orders with FedEx (2-4 days). However, in some rare cases certain addresses (usually in Australia) are considered to be "remote" and will incur an additional $30 shipping charge. Unfortunately we don't know until we start processing your order whether your address is in a remote location or not. If it is, we will contact you and you will have an option either to pay an extra $30 charge or we can ship your order at no extra charge with regular post, USPS Priority. USPS Priority takes 5-7 days compared to 2-4 days with FedEx.

Can I wash garments made with Big Loop Yarn?  What's the best way to care for it?

-For garments such as jackets and scarves we recommend to always store them folded instead of hanging to prevent stretching. 
-For cleaning we recommend dry clean. 
-You can wash it but you have to be very careful
-Exposure to heat and agitation will cause wool fibers to felt.  If you chose to wash your garment we recommend using cold water only, delicate cycle, no agitation, air dry only. 
-You might still lose some softness from washing, even in cold water (not considerable), but it will shed less. If you are not sure you can make a small swatch and wash it and see if you like the result before you wash the entire garment. We also find that dry cleaning helps to reduce the amount of shedding.

What about pilling and shedding?

Big Loop yarn and Merino No. 5 yarn is made with 100% natural merino wool fiber which means some amount of shedding and pilling will naturally occur. We find that dry cleaning and washing (see above for specific washing instructions) will help prevent some amount of shedding. If you find that your garment pills (which is natural and will occur with use, especially heavy use) what you can do is simply trim the pills with a pair of scissors once in a while - just think of it as grooming a pet. It will only take a few minutes and your garment will look like new.  

Why Merino Wool?

We want the softest yarn for all of your special hand knit treasures. We picked Merino wool because of its small footprint, breathable nature, and extreme softness.

Merino sheep have extremely fine fibers that result in very soft yarn (this isn't like that scratchy sweater your Great Aunt knit you). We just want to cuddle those little sheep all the time!

Merino is soft and comfortable to wear, no matter what the weather is. If it's a little too warm, Merino will wick away the moisture to keep you comfy cozy. If it's a little too cold, it will hold onto the warm air in its chunky fibers without weighing you down - Think of it as wearing a fluffy cloud. 

But, aside from wanting a comfortable, super soft yarn, it is important to us that our products do not hurt the environment. You can go into any craft store and pick up some soft acrylic yarn, but you know it left a nasty by-product and will leave a bad footprint when it's tossed away. Unlike synthetic fibers our 100% Merino is 100% renewable, which makes us and Mother Earth happy! 

 How long does shipping take?

Orders can take 1-3 business days to pack (not including weekends and holidays). 

Once it ships, standard shipping takes:

2 - 5 business days for domestic orders 

2-4 business days for international (FedEx International) - all countries except for Russia and some other exceptions **

3-5 days USPS Express for Russia.

Sometimes there are delays because of customs for international orders. 

Once your item has shipped we have no control over it

Please note that during the busy holiday season shipping can take longer than usual.
Please note:
-International shipping charge does not include any local duties or taxes - they are different in every country and we have no control over them and you are not paying them to us, you are paying them to your own government. 
-Some countries don't charge any duties or taxes and some do.  If you have any questions about duties/taxes please email us at loopy@loopymango.com


Do you have a store?

Yes!  Our new flagship store opened in December 2017 in Beacon, NY. 

Where does the name Loopy Mango come from?

We have a German shepherd named Loopy and an orange cat named Mango.  And, of course, we are totally LOOPY!!!

Which size 50 (25 mm) knitting needles are better - straight or circular?

We find it much easier to knit on size 50 circular needles rather than straight needles. 

Circular needles are much lighter, easier to handle and very compact

Even if you have never knitted on circular needles before we highly recommend them.  And they are cheaper too! 

We have free video tutorials that you can watch if you are still not sure that you can handle circulars. 

Don't be afraid, just trust us, circulars are much better. Just give them a try (at first they might feel strange, but after a couple of rows you will fall in love with them)!

Where is Big Loop yarn and knitted products made?

Big Loop Yarn is 100% domestic (Made in USA) - The fibers are sourced all over the USA where it's dyed and then spun into yarn at our mill in Key Largo, FL. 

Every ball of yarn is hand crafted with love by our artisans. 

All knitted products are designed and made in Key Largo, FL.

Why is Big Loop so expensive?

Big Loop yarn is made with 100% domestic merino fiber in USA. 

It takes almost an hour to spin one skein of Big Loop Yarn and that's after the fiber has been transported washed, dyed, dried, picked and carded. 

It cannot be mass produced - it can only be made in small batches - so it's very labor intensive to make. 

But when you think about it - one skein of Big Loop is 40 oz (1134 gram) so it's equivalent to buying eleven 100 gram balls or twenty - two 50 gram balls (making it $18 for 100 g) so it actually is a good deal! 

If you've ever knitted a blanket you know that you will spend $300-$400 on yarn.

With Big Loop you can make a blanket with just one skein for the price of $198 and it will take you only a few hours (with regular yarn you would have to ply it 10 times or more, which will make it very heavy and you will end up using much more yarn and spending a lot more money and it will not look the same).

If you don't want to make a blanket - you can buy Big Loop in smaller sizes - 10 oz ($64) - for a hat, 13 oz ($78) - for a cowl, or 17 oz ($110) - for a long scarf.

How long does it take to make a blanket with Big Loop yarn?

One skein of 40 oz Big Loop yarn knits up in just 2-3 hours and will make a 28'' x 40'' (71 cm x 101 cm) blanket.

Size Chart:
28'' x 40'' - 1 skein
36'' x 70'' - 2 skeins
50'' x 60'' - 2.5 skeins
50'' x 70'' - 3 skeins
56'' x 96'' - 4 skeins

How can I figure out how many skeins I need for the size I want to make?

One skein will make 28'' x 40'' (71 cm x 101 cm) so that's 28 times 40 so 1120 square inches (71 times 101 so 7171 square cm). So if you want to make for example 36'' x 48'' blanket you need to multiply 36 by 48 which gives you 1728 and divide that number by 1120, so 1.5 skeins!

I'm a beginner knitter.  Will I be able to knit with Big Loop Yarn and giant needles?

Yes, you will!  In fact, you will knit faster and will make a lot fewer mistakes than knitting with smaller yarn and needles. Because the yarn and tools are so giant you will see exactly what you are doing and will better understand how knitting stitches work.

Is it better to knit tight or loose with Big Loop Yarn?

We recommend knitting loosely for blankets and throws, especially if you are a tight knitter and especially when you cast off.  This yarn needs room to breath - it will bloom over time - so it will get a little thicker. For rugs and garments such as hats and jackets we recommend knitting tighter.