Maple Wood & Brass Knitting Needles US13, US15, US17 or US19

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Our new knitting needles are the absolute best on the market.  Made with buttery smooth maple wood with brass hardware and connected with a flexible pink cable.  Needles with shorter cable length have shorter wooden part to make it easier to work on smaller projects in the round such as beanies or sleeves.  Needles with longer cable have longer wooden part to give your hands more support when working on longer and bigger projects (scarves, blankets, body of a sweater or cardigan).

Packaged in our signature re-usable pouch - use it to store all your knitting notions.  Perfect for travel.

Size US13 - 9 mm comes in 20'' - 50 cm length - $16

Size US15 - 10 mm comes in 20'' - 50 cm - $18

Size US17 - 12 mm comes in 20'' - 50 cm and in 32'' - 80 cm length - $22

Size US19 - 15 mm comes in 20'' - 50 cm and in 32'' - 80 cm length - $26