Pen Style Felting Needle Tool

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This is the perfect tool to seamlessly connect two ends of merino wool yarn.

When you knit with chunky natural wool, you can't just knit a few stitches together with the new ball of yarn and weave in the ends - you can either tie a knot or you can felt the two ends together. This pen style felting tool makes connecting the ends so much easier. As the picture demonstrates you overlap the two strands and use the needle to fuse the fibers together. But be careful, these needles are sharp! This tool will turn you into a finishing genius. 

These needles are very delicate and can break when twisted in the yarn. Be very careful when felting together Big Loop yarn as it has a cotton core. We recommend felting straight up and down.  Be especially careful when felting dog leash - since it is crocheted tightly there is more chances for the needle to break - go very slowly to prevent breaking.

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Made in Japan