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Projects - Start to Finish

My First Hat: Full ProjectMy First Scarf: Full ProjectHer Beanie: Full ProjectNantucket Throw: Full ProjectMontauk Throw: Full ProjectHelsinki HatMy First Sweater: Full ProjectMy First Socks: Full ProjectAviatrix Hat: Full ProjectDickie: Full ProjectMini Scarf: Full ProjectMini Beanie: Full ProjectMini Kitty Hat: Full ProjectLittle Monster's Jacket: Full ProjectMini Market Bag: Full ProjectChristmas Stocking: Full ProjectPom Pom Keychain: Full ProjectHow to Make a Multicolored Pom PomHow to Make a Pom Pom with a Loome ToolHow to Make a TasselSmall Dog Leash: Full ProjectLarge Dog Leash: Full ProjectAlmighty Loopy Basket: Full Project

Beginner Techniques for New Knitters

How to Cast-On: Backward Loop MethodHow to: Knit StitchHow to Cast OffHow to: Purl StitchHow to Cast Off: Rib Cast OffHow to Cast On: Backward Loop Method (Big Loop)How to Cast On: Knitted Cast OnHow to Connect Two Ends of Yarn with a Felting Needle and Weave in EndsHow to Count RowsHow to Count StitchesHow to Decrease: Knit Two Together (K2TOG)How to Fix Accidentally Dropping a StitchHow to Fix Accidentally Growing a StitchHow to Increase: Knit Front and Back (KFB)How to Increase: Make One (M1)How to Loosen TensionHow to Make a ChainHow to Make a Slip KnotHow to Make a TasselHow to Seam with a Tapestry NeedleHow to Tighten TensionHow to Undo StitchesHow to Unravel StitchesHow to: Drop StitchHow to: Garter StitchHow to: Knit One Below (K1B)How to: Knit Stitch (Big Loop)How to: Purl One Below (P1B)How to: Purl Stitch (Big Loop)How to: Rib StitchHow to: Seed (Moss) StitchHow to: Stockinette Stitch

Hats & Scarves - Additional Stitches & Techniques

Balaclava Helmet: How to Pick Up StitchesCable Dickie: How to Knit Cables (T4BR & T4FL)Cable Dickie: How to Knit Cables (T6L & T6R)Edelweiss Hat: How to do Easy ColorworkHow to Block KnitsHow to Embroider: Lazy Daisy and French KnotHow to: Cable Six Front (C6F)My First Cable Hat: How to Knit CablesMy First Cable Scarf and New Wave Hat: How to Knit CablesOne Way or the Other Scarf: How to Knit Chevron PatternSt. Barth Cable Shawl: How to Knit CablesVertical Stripe Hat: How to do a Two Color Rib

Sweaters & Cardigans - Stitches & Techniques

My First Sweater: Full Project How to Add PocketsHow to Knit Sleeves for Top-Down Styles (Part 1)How to Knit Sleeves for Top-Down Styles (Part 2)How to Knit Sleeves with Dream yarnHow to Knit Sleeves with Summer yarnHow to Pick Up Stitches for Sleeves (Cardigan)How to Pick Up Stitches for Sleeves (Sweater/Top)How to Pick Up Stitches for the Neckband (Cardigan)How to Seam Shoulders (Sweater/Top and Cardigan)How to Seam Sides (Sweater and Cardigan)How to Seam Sides (Sweater/Top and Cardigan)How to: Cardigan Front PanelsOff the Shoulder Sweater: How to Knit CablesRhinebeck Cardigan: How to Seam Panels and SleevesRhinebeck Sweater: How to Attach SleevesUrban Fisherman Sweater: How to Knit Cables

Blankets - Stitches & Techniques

How to Knit Chevron StitchHow to: Cable 8 Front (C8F)Montauk Throw: Full ProjectMy First Cable Blanket: How to Knit CablesNantucket Throw: Full ProjectSt. Barth Cable Shawl: How to Knit CablesTree of Love Blanket: How to Knit Cables 

Socks & Mittens - Stitches & Techniques

My First Socks: Full ProjectHow to: Magic LoopHow to Knit Thumbs for MittensHow to Knit Thumbs for MittensHow to: Kitchener StitchChristmas Stocking: Full Project

Stitch Library - All Techniques