Extra Cable for Interchangeable Needles

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If you've purchased our interchangeable needles in the past and would like to have a longer or shorter cable available, these cables are what you'll need. You can easily twist off your knitting needles from the existing cable and twist a new cable on. If you've received a 32'' cable in one of our DIY kits, you might want to have a 20'' cable for knitting necklines and sleeves without needing to purchase a whole new needle. 


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Lengths available (total length of needle tip-to-tip)-

20'' (50cm) - great for hats and scarves, also children's accessories

24'' (60cm) - scarves, children's accessories, small garments

32'' (80cm) - blankets, garments (sweaters, cardigans)

40'' (100cm) - blankets

50'' (125cm) - blankets

60'' (155cm) - blankets