Big Cotton 300 gram

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Loopy Mango Big Cotton

100% Pure Cotton

144 yards (129 m) 10.5 oz. (300 g)

Made In Peru

This yarn is great for people with wool allergies and for warmer climates.

This soft chunky cotton yarn is perfect for quick projects.

One skein knits up in 4-6 hours.  

Recommended needle size: US 15 (10 mm), US 19 (15 mm), US 36 (20 mm).


Blanket Measurements and Skeins Needed (Using size 19 needle):

28'' x 34''  500g of Big Cotton (Big Cotton Baby Blanket)

28'' x 40''  600g of Big Cotton (Nantucket style)

30'' x 50''  800g of Big Cotton (Montauk style)

Five skeins of Big Cotton will make a throw that's 28'' x 34'' (70cm x 76cm) so that's 28 times 34, so 952 square inches (70 times 76 = 5320 square cm). You will then divide 952 by 5 (we had 5 skeins), which gives us 192 square inches per skein. So if you want to make, for example, 28'' x 40'' blanket you need to multiply 28 by 40 which gives you 1120 and divide that number by 190, so 5.8 (6) skeins - 600g of Big Cotton! (Divide by 3 if you would like to use a 300g skein)

This yarn is dyed naturally and hand spun.

NOTE:  with naturally dyed Indigo color some staining may occur.

Care: hand wash cold water and lay flat to dry.