Merino No. 5 XL - 600 g

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Loopy Mango Merino No. 5 XL - 600g

****Please note that 600 g and 150 g have different dye lots*******

Same as our regular Merino No. 5 but now available in 600g - equivalent to four 150g balls of Merino No. 5.  If you are working on a larger project and don't like to connect balls of yarn - this product is perfect!

If you are purchasing a DIY kit and would like to have your yarn in 600g skeins instead of 150g balls just include a note with your order.

Right now we have this yarn only in the following colors - Black, Lady Blue, Spicy Hot Pink, Cafe Con Leche, Lilac, Jungle, Sunshine, Lady Blue, Rose Petal, Apricot.

100% Merino Wool

21 oz (600 g), 296 yards (272 m)

Made in USA.  Care: dry clean or hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry

Recommended needle size: US 15 (10 mm), US 19 (15 mm), US 36 (20 mm), US 50 (25 mm)


Below are examples of knitting projects you can make with 600g skeins - 


Mini Cardigan size 6-8 years old: 1 skein

Super Cropped Cardigan in size S/M: 1 skein

Super Cropped Sweater in size S/M: 1 skein

Fringe Shawl: 1 skein

Her Cardigan: 2 skeins

Urban Cowboy Jacket: 2 skeins

Free Spirit Cardigan: 2 skeins

Rockstar Coat: 3 skeins

Fisherman Rib Blanket: 2 skeins

Moss Stitch Blanket 36'' x 58'': 2 skeins