Loome Tool: Slingshot XL Model (7" H)

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One tool, infinite possibilities. The new, patent-pending tool that makes pom poms, tassels, a variety of friendship bracelets, cords and weavings that also converts into a slingshot.

This Loome is about 50% larger than the others and comes with a carved in ruler to help you track the length of what you've made. This is perfect for people who prefer a larger format for the tool as well as pom poms and tassels. The rest is the same.

Stunningly simple and incredibly versatile. The perfect must-have fiber craft and DIY tool for all adults and kids (7+).

Size: 7.35" H x 3.20" W

Material: White Oak

Bag: Muslin with Linen Tassel

Origin: Made in the USA and Hand Finished